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Written by: Kimberly Hobin



1. What happens during a session?

The first thing you will be asked to fill out some paperwork usually just general health questions and your massage preferences. Then you will go over your paperwork and address any concerns or questions you have with your therapist. Next the awesome part, the massage. When all good things come to an end, you can ask or address any concerns or questions you might have with your therapist.


 2.  What are some health benefits of massage?

Massage can achieve many positive outcomes, just to name a few: Lower stress, Lessen anxiety and depression, Enhance sleep quality, give you greater energy, lower blood pressure, Improve circulation, Improve range of motion, Improve posture, Relive Migraine pain, Reduce muscle tension. These are just some of the amazing thing massage can do for you.


3.  What if I have a health issue or an injury?

Let your therapist know about any conditions, medications, or injuries you have. Sometimes medications or issues are contraindicated for massage. Your therapist will be able to work with you or refer you to someone who can work with you.


4. How much clothing do I take off?

The answer is simply how much you are comfortable taking off. Some people don’t mind baring it all while others may want to keep on everything. You will be draped with a sheet accordingly at all times.

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5. Is it OK to talk?

Definitely, if you want to talk go for it. Don’t be afraid to communicate with your therapist, accurate feedback on pressure, pain tolerance, and overall comfort is a necessity.


 6. What if the massage hurts or I’m sore?

A lot of people will say “no pain, no gain” this is not always the case, however, some work may be uncomfortable. Tensing up does not help the muscles but may have adverse effects on the muscles. If something hurts speak up! Some people do get a little sore or stiff feeling after a massage this is normal.


 7. What if I’m ticklish?

If something is ticklish let your therapist know so they can change the move, pressure, or stop and move on to a different area.


8. What kind of results should I expect?

Results vary person to person. Results also vary on which type of massage was performed. Some people have results that last hours others up to a month.


9. How often should I come in?

This all depends on your specific goals and budget. Some people come in weekly, some every other week, others monthly. What is important to recognize taking care of yourself and the incredible health benefits massage work has.


10. What should I do before and after?

Before coming in you should try to hydrate as best you can. You can continue feeling great at home by stretching, hydrating, taking it easy, especially if you had some releases.


11. What are the different types of massages offered at Dimensions Salon and Day Spa?

Elemental Nature: Is your choice of Swedish (relaxation), Deep Tissue (specific areas of adhesions/tension), Pregnancy Massage, or Integrative (a mix of Swedish and Deep Tissue)


Chakra Balancing: Incorporates chakra aromas, with guided meditation through the chakras, massage on spinal, head, neck, and shoulder muscles, and hand and foot reflexology.


Lomi Lomi: Is a traditional Hawaiian massage. This is a deeply relaxing massage that uses long rhythmic strokes.


Hawaiian Hot Stone: Similar to the Lomi Lomi except done with heated stones. The heated stones help get deeper into the muscle without having to use deeper pressure.


Myofascial Release Massage: This is a type of deep tissue work, it returns hard rigid fascia (a connective tissue found all over the body) into its’ original pliable, lubricative state. This work significantly improves posture, range of motion, and helps improve various health issues.


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