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What’s better than celebrating being a mom?

A night to celebrate with friends! This goes out to sisters, daughters, girl friends, moms or grandmas. Mark your calendars!  May 12th from 4pm to 8 pm (Friday night), we’re not only going to be cranking out some great hair for our guests, we are celebrating being a women! That’s right, whether you’re a mom or not (or not yet) come on in and have some girls time. The following boutiques will be at Dimensions for the evening; Arbonne, Lipsense, Mermaid Bus, and Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski. We will be serving wine and are looking forward to seeing everyone that night!

 Back by popular demand!!!! Its the Mermaid Bus of Capecod!!!! Stop by and become an official member of the “Fin-club” with Shari Assad Aussant! It will be a night of fun, shopping and learning! Have a glass of wine, a little “chick chat” and get some goodies to not only to celebrate Mothers Day, but a women too! And even more it will be a great way to kick off the new season in style!!! Go girl power!

Meet with Mary Joubert, and learn more about the health benefits of Arbonne! Not sure you’d like the taste of the meal replacement shake? Mary will provide you with a taste testing!!! that right! taste it before you commit! I’m telling you here and now it is the best tasting meal replacement shake I’ve ever tasted!!! and nutritious!!! I was left so satisfied I used it for my breakfast and lunch for 6 months!! 37lbs lost and I feel great! (

Now if jewelry is more your love, don’t fret ! Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski will be here!! Crystal Shellman will be your jewelry stylist for the evening!!!

Wait, there’s more… Have you heard of Lipsense!? Its the best thing “sense” sliced cake!! YASS!! this is the lip color that last for 18 hours (or more!!!) Check it out!! Its a lip color System!!! Shweet!!


Ask Linda

I’m sure you recognize “Lather, Rinse, Repeat” as the directions on the back of your shampoo bottle. But, why is that so important to shampoo twice? Owner of Dimensions Salon & Spa, Linda, gives us the low-down.

The idea of the first step is not to wash your hair, but rather to clean your scalp and remove the sebum (oil) and product that has accumulated since your last shampoo. I like to use this analogy- if you were going to shampoo your rugs, wouldn’t you vacuum first? Of course you would! That is what we’re doing here. It’s a twostep process. We must shampoo, rinse, and repeat.

It is important to know that the shampoo will likely not produce a lot of lather during this first step. No need to add more shampoo! The type of shampoo you use will determine the amount of lather that you achieve. Your Aveda shampoo and other professional shampoos will lather less than drugstore brands, as drug store brands typically include more “bubble making” agents to create lather. We will explain why that is in September’s E-news. Stay tuned! Until then, try to focus less on lather and more on really working the product onto your scalp. The amount of shampoo you need depends on the length and density of your hair and the brand of shampoo that you are using.

Now it’s time to re-shampoo and rinse the remainder of your hair. Aveda shampoos are more concentrated and allow you to use less shampoo. Drug store shampoos, which are more watered down, will require more product. You will notice that the shampoo should lather up more than it did in the first step.

I shampoo my hair every three or four days, so I usually repeat twice, or as many times as it takes until my hair and scalp feel clean. Follow up with a conditioner that’s appropriate for your hair type.

What beauty questions do you have for Linda? Email Linda at and your question may be answered in the September E-news. Have a beautiful day!


Behind-the-Scenes with the Dimensions Team

It was ‪#‎ThrowbackThursday AND Ashley’s 3 year anniversary. So, it only made since to reminisce on Ashley’s first event with us. Fox25 News Zip Trip came to our little town, Carver, where we gave free haircuts to anyone who donated a non-perishable good to Carver’s Food Pantry, three years ago.

We feel so lucky to have such a passionate stylist and team member who brings so much humor and fun to our Dimensions family. We can’t imagine it without you, Ash! We look forward to seeing what even greater success the future at Dimensions has in store for you. Happy 3 year anniversary!

Cheers! Xoxo


SAVE this Month

School bells will be ringing before you know it! As you prepare for the start of the new year with back-to-school lesson plans, book lists, printables, and classroom décor, Dimensions invites all teachers, cafeteria staff, bus drivers and school administration, to enjoy 15% OFF all their services from Aug1st-Aug 31, 2015. This is one small way we can show appreciation for those special people who our molding our next generation.

Schedule your appointments today before that back to school rush! 508.866.5633