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By: Linda Crawford

Whether his hair describes smart or street, the way a man wears his hair defines his entire look. During the fashion week for Fall/Winter 2013, held in February, we spotted our inspiration for the upcoming seasons men’s haircuts.

As with any hairstyle, the most important thing to remember is finding a style that suits your face shape and your lifestyle. For example, there are not many doctors with shaggy, long hair. Also key is the lifestyle. Do you need a wash and go hairstyle? Or do you have time in the morning to spend in front of the mirror applying the product that the look needs?

Below are some of my favorite men’s  hair styles trends that I saw for fall 2013:


  1. Clean cut: seen during the Paris fashion week at the Dior and Hermes runway shows is the clean cut look. Forget grungy or disheveled- its crisp and groomed to the point of dapper. This look often is complimented with cufflinks, a simple white starched fitted shirt and no facial hair. You will require grooming hair product like AVEDA’s Men’s Pure-formance firm hold gel. Step #1: Apply product to towel dried hair. If the hair is too wet it will compromise the products performance but if it’s too dry you will have an uneven product application. Step #2: Rub the product in, roots of the hair to ends of the hair. Just as if you were shampooing. This way you make sure you have even product distribution. Step #3: Then use a comb to put hair in place. Step #4: Finally, let air dry. AM10_09_r1

2.  Short and tousled: Today’s hip men are polished even in their casual jeans and t-shirt. The hair on the sides and back are kept tight to the head. The top can be mid length or even long.  Today celebs like Adam Levine and Justin Timberlake sport this look. You will require grooming hair product like AVEDA’s Men’s Pure-formance Grooming Cream. This will give you a pliable hold with natural shine. Steps for achieving this style are the same as above but just instead of using a comb, just use fingers for an effortless completed style.image.jsp 3. Side part: A version of the clean cut look- this style has a deep side part and wet look requiring AVEDA’s Men’s Pure-formance pomade.


Happy styling and comment with any challenges you may have 🙂


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