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by Ashley Frazier

weddingWhether you’re going to have a six-month or two-year engagement, every bride-to-be is now “under the gun.”

Starting from “have you picked the date?” to “who’s in your wedding party?!” to “when are WE going dress shopping?”, you’re going to have a lot of decisions to make. Besides watching Say Yes to the Dress for hours you now have ALL THE POWER while planning your big day!

Stay in charge of your planning!! This is YOUR big day girl!  Writing this from a hairstylist point of view, try to be almost professional when you have to tell your 25 friends they can’t all come dress shopping with you. Keep it simple!

Every detail you will need to plan, there will be professionals to help you. No matter how long your engagement is, there is always going to be a budget to any wedding. Your budget is going to really determine what is most important to you, down to the very small but super important details!

And no matter how long your engagement is, there is always going to be a budget to any wedding. Your budget will determine what is most important to you, down to the very small but super important details!

The day of your wedding is going to be one of the most stressful days… after all, I’m sure you’ve done years, or at least months, of planning (and spending all your $$).  While you’re picking out dresses and jewelry, do yourself a favor and find a great hairstylist and makeup GOD!  Everyone will be looking at your face and hair! But keep in mind, if you need honest, professional help, we will give it to you. Besides your family, who’s going to be more honest than your hairstylist?!

Six Months before Your Big Day

Book your appointment at a salon! Most salons require at least six months.

Ashley’s “Rules” for Hair & Makeup:ST131700_r5_crop_previewpage_1

  1. Have a picture of your dress! We like to know if your dress is crazy and full of sparkle and spunk or maybe you’re going with more of a classic vintage vixen look!  Are you going to wear a veil or head piece? We just have to know so we can accommodate your look with your style!
  2. Pictures work wonders. Let us see your fabulous Pinterest dream wedding ideas!! (believe me…we all have one!)
  3.  A trial run is always a big suggestion!! Make sure you have your pictures and ideas ready to go! Make sure, when scheduling your appointments, you give yourself extra time. Things do happen! Timing is everything today; don’t make yourself crazy! Lay every detail and idea on the line. We can handle it!
  4.  Make your makeup as easy as possible. Faux eyelashes won’t run on you; definitely give them a try! And nothing less than waterproof!!!
  5. Take our suggestions as well as we take yours. We, as professionals, are just trying to help make this day perfect for you!
  6. DO NOT get waxed, a facial or massage the same day or even week as your wedding. (especially if you’ve never gotten any of these done before). These are all things that should be done prior. Some waxes, oils and lotions will make certain skin types break out or extra sensitive!
  7. Please do not bring your old makeup to visit with us. It’s your wedding day–use the best you can get!!
  8. Maybe my most important rule–look like yourself. If you’re a simple girl, don’t do a giant old school beehive with sparkles and a 20-foot veil. C’mon…you’ve already impressed the love of your life, now just do whatever makes you happy and feel comfortable, confident and gorgeous!

As hairstylists, we will do everything we can to make sure your day is as great as we can. (We might even include champagne!)  Think positive. A “negative Nancy” will always find a flaw in everything.

Stop, breathe & smile!

Hope this helps the brides-to-be and even the early planners! It’s never too early to dream!

Check out our Bridal Packages…and be sure to call us (508-866-5633) if you want to discuss your day!

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