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Do you know what you are going to be for Halloween? How about a skeleton or a zombie. I put together two super easy Halloween makeup looks for you to do at home.


#1 Skeleton

You will need:  photo 1

  • white grease paint
  • black gel liner
  • black eye shadow


1. Paint your whole face white.

2.Then with the black gel liner draw two circles following the eye sockets them color in black with the liner. Set the eye sockets by dusting the black shadow on it- this will make the makeup last longer.

3. Then outline following the cheekbone down along the jaw with the gel liner- set with black shadow.

4. Using the gel liner, draw the nose. 1/2 heart on one side then the other side leaving a white space down the middle of the nose. Color in.

5. Draw teeth on lips or extend onto cheeks

6. Contour in temples up into forehead with the black eye shadow.


#2 Zombiephoto 2

You will need:

  • Brown, black and red eye shadow
  • Black eye liner
  • Light colored concealer
  • Fake blood


1. Start by evening out skin tone by applying light colored concealer over entire face (lips too!)

2. Line eyes completely then cover eye lids with red eye shadow, black  goes into crease. Layer red and brown shadows from crease to brow and underneath eye

3. Contour face with red and brown shadows

4. Cover lips with black/red

5. Place fake blood to drip from underneath your eye


Happy haunting!





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