An Easy 3-Minute Hairstyle: Textured Bun

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You know when you’re so bored with growing out your hair because it seems so blah? Always the same style day after day?

Well, I’m there.

This look was inspired by summer! Textured braids make me think of warm, carefree summer days, and a mist this snow storm that we’ve got today in the northeast, I’d like to channel some summer feelings today 🙂


1.First tease the crown of your head. This will give you some volume to work with later.


2. Pull your hair to the side and braid loosely.

unnamed (1)

3. Rub hair together and pull out pieces of hair. This is whats going to give that textured look we’re going for here.

unnamed (4)unnamed (5)






4. Spin your hair up into a bun and pin with bobbie pins.  You’re ready to take on the day!


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