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Ok, so the question of the season…. “Should I get fringe”? Better known in these parts as “bangs”.


Three things to consider…

1. Maintenance – How can I style my fringe or bangs at home? Make sure your stylist goes over step by step on how to “blow dry style” your new look! Hint… blowing them side to side is key to success when it come to your fringe. Use your fingers instead of your round brushes at first. Then once the hair seems to be landing in the correct position add a little lift with your round brush. Don’t go crazy with the brush. Remember… you don’t want the dreaded “sausage or knockwurst” look on your forehead! Be patient, let the cut and your hair do what comes natural!! FYI your bangs will need a trim more often then the rest of your hair. Figure about every 2 weeks for the perfect look!Jennifer Garner

2.  Life Style- Will you have time to spend on your fringe? One thing about the great bang or fringe look is it can update a tired “Long Layer” or “Bob” type cut. So if you’re the type to JUST put into a pony tail maybe it’s not for you! But if you have been putting your hair in a pony tail for as long as you’ve had hair long enough to do so, it could be time for a change! After all, we’ve seen fringes on a lot of Hollywood favs, like Heidi Klum, Nicole Richie and Jennifer Lopez! So if they can go under the shears why can’t you?


3.  Face Shape- Finally, and most important, your face shape. I feel that most anyone can have bangs (or fringe) as long as the ends of the bang land at your cheek bones you will have a great look. This will draw the cheek bone up and away from the face. And lets “face” it we all want to look as though we have high cheek bones!! … right?


Written by: Linda Crawford

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