What shade of red lipstick is best for my complexion?

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Valentine’s Day is this weekend and you want to wear a festive shade of red or pink lipstick on your date, right? But what shade will flatter your eye color, hair color and complexion best?Well, I can help you!


When you’re out in sun does your skin simply burn? You have fair skin:

  • You want to contrast your light skin and hair with a slight undertone of orange in your lipstick- a red matte with orange undertone will look best on you.


When you’re out in the sun does your skin turn pink first then tan? You have beige or sun-kissed skin:

  • Dark deep rep lip stick with golden undertones will flatter you most


When you’re out in the sun does your skin turn golden brown? You have bronzed skin:

  • You are the lucky ones that can pull off that super-chic shiny coral color lipstick that we’ve been seeing everywhere lately. Give it a try!


When you’re out in the sun does your skin darken rather than turn pick? You have dark coco skin:

  • A fig shaded color with a creamy finish will compliment you best.


Now that you’ve got the right shade of lipstick, you might be having a hard time prepping your lips and getting that fab color to stay… HINT: don’t forget to moisturize lips well with a lip treatment. I use Aveda’s Lip Saver. This will help your look last the entire day. Also don’t forget to use a lip liner to prevent your flattering color from bleeding from your lips into your skin- no one likes that look.


Good luck and have fun with it Valentines! xoxo

Written by: Leanne Mackiewicz

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