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Our Nufree product is the gold standard for hair removal. Nufree is a unique, soy based product. Nufree has the long lasting results of any hair removal method available. The system uses Finipil which 99.99% destroys bacteria,Finipil is also used to shrink hair follicles, cool the hair follicle, and reduce swelling making the results of hair removal system last.

Before coming for waxing, here are some guidelines to ensure the best possible results.

  • Hair should be at least 1/4 inch long (at least 2 weeks growth). Do not shave,trim or use any other depilatory before any waxing service.
  • Prior to your service, please do you your best to not come directly from a workout! Hot water and vigorous exercise increase blood flow and make the wax areas more sensitive.


Eyebrows $16

Lip $11

Chin/Cheek $12

Arm $28

Back $58

Half Leg $44

Full Leg $74

Bikini $43

Brazilian $70

Under Arm $30