4 Simple Steps to Younger, Healthier Skin

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By Kim Hobin, Dimensions Esthetician & Massage Therapist

Who wouldn’t want healthier, clear and younger-looking skin?

GM1_GentleFacialWash__46832.1447861388.250.500Glymed Plus Skin Care has made achieving healthy and younger-acting skin so easy with four simple sets…done morning and night!

  1. Cleanse: Your first step will be to cleanse. Cleansing will remove dirt, oil and prepare your skin to receive nutrients.
  2. Treat: The second step is to treat, which delivers vital ingredients that will address your specific needs, whether acne, wrinkles, spots, rosacea, etc. Treating will help restore your skin.
  3. Balance: Step three is balance…to help bring back your skin’s ability to repair and renew itself.
  4. Protect: Then, lastly, Step four is to shield your skin from UVA/UVB rays and environmental pollutants/debris, which ensures your skin’s ability to grow healthy cells.

Easy skin care that will lead to healthy gorgeous skin! So, come in to Dimensions, and we can set up this simple-to-follow customized daily routine for you!

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