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Who loves this time of year? We Do!!!  The days are getting longer and getting warmer. Here are some springtime trends, how to’s, and tips that the Dimensions Team is loving right now.

90’s Neon Hair

The brighter, the better, but definitely in moderation. Marcella personally loves a bright neon hair color (a blazer paired with a skinny jean and white t-shirt). It’s gonna give “funky and bright” a whole new spin. So how daring are you? Tye Dye may not be what you’re into but maybe neon ombre or a pop of your favorite color hidden around your face? The choice is yours; go for it!!! “Trust me,” says Marcella. Neon is gonna be IN for a long time to come, so be bold with it!

Pastel Hair if You Dare

Meghan knows pastel hair has been “the thing” for a little while. But with spring near, it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. She loves keeping up with the latest trends so why not go from long and blonde to short and spunky?! Pink pastel is her thing. Meghan says “Switch it up every now and then; life changes so why not your hair?!”

The Eyebrows Have It!

Linda is all about the “eyebrow” this up coming season!  But not just your basic brow.  As you probably have heard, the eyes are the window to the soul so make sure that frame (brow) is perfection! “Shape” is in the “eye” of the beholder, or is it?  In all segments of fashion, eyebrows have a “shape trend” too. Now with the eyebrow mousse, eyebrow gels and even stencils, you can get the perfect shape no matter what! Don’t know “how to”?…no worries; when you call for your next haircut and style with Linda, just add a “brow app,” and Linda can do the rest! Having a good eyebrow is key. Even if you’re anti-fashion, everyone loves a clean full natural brow which is what’s in for spring 2017! Linda says, “a natural brow is like a little black dress–CLASSIC!”

High Ponytail

Kaitlyn’s fav for spring is the high ponytail. It’s seen all over in the NYC Spring Fashion Week 2017. To get the high ponytail, spray Aveda’s thickening tonic all over. Use two hair elastics for extra volume,wrap a piece of hair around to cover elastic then just pull tight and voila! you have the high ponytail easy! Need a lesson on “how to?” Ask Kaitlyn the next time you’re in the Salon!! BTW, is your hair too short? No worries, extensions, even a clip in pony will do the trick!!

Let It, Glow

Kim’s suggestion, “get the dead, dried-out winter skin off your face ASAP”. If you haven’t had a customized Glymed facial yet, call now! Wearing an SPF of 15 or more is still a must, even more so in the warmer weather. Making sure your skin is in pristine condition first before going into the warmer weather is THE best prevention. You’ll not only look great, you will see the benefits of great skin care in the future. Oh ya, let’s talk about the future for a minute: Glymed is a pharmaceutical grade skin care product! Shweeet! That means you WILL have results!!! So before the temp hits 80 degrees and you want to head to the beach, call Kim and set up your personal skin care regimen!

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