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facial treatmentsThe Dimensions Team will help establish your concerns and tailor your treatment to ensure optimal results.


“I was happy with the personalized massages and facials. Benefits are: reduced stress and compliments on the condition of my face!” ~Lisa Bair, Insurance Agent

Chocolate Pumpkin Facial

This pampering facial uses pumpkin and pomegranate enzymes to help reduce fine lines and hydrate your skin

60 minutes $79

Chocolate Peel

This luxurious lactic peel reduces lines, hyperpigmentation and reduces pore size, leaving your skin smooth and soft

60 minutes $116

Rescue Peel

This treatment uses natural cocoa extract resveratrol and acai berry to help boost collagen and restore hydration, elasticity and tone

60 minutes $136

Oxygen Treatment

This incredible treatment uses the power of oxygen to lift, plump and tighten your skin

60 minutes $95

Superior C Peel

This peel is great for sun damaged, dehydrated skin; it strengthens skin tone and texture, improving fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots

60 minutes $120

Candy Shop Peel

This aromatic peel is great for improving skin elasticity, while it evens out tone and reduces fine lines and wrinkles

45 minutes $110

Men’s Pure-Formance Facial

Because men’s skin is different from women’s, it needs to be treated differently; this facial combines high-performance skin care with techniques and aromas specifically designed to treat gender specific skin conditions

60 minutes $79

Dimensions Back Facial

A customizable treatment for your back that leaves your skin bright, soft and healthy
45 minutes $75

Eye & Lip Treatment

Great by itself or added on to a facial; reduces fine lines and puffiness
20 minutes $21