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So unless you’ve been living under a rock, any fashionista would know that eyebrows are the IT thing. With so many new powders and pencils, which products are best?! Personally I love Blinc’s  eyebrow mousse! I do from time to time still take a slanted eye-shadow brush and fill mine in first with a shadow, then set them with the brow mousse. You don’t need to fill them with shadow, but its good to know that you can play around with this product. The mousse is waterproof (and can easily be taken off with a gentle makeup remover) and contains a peptide which keeps your brows and skin well moisturized.

So for a while I’ve been trying to put together my own list of favorite eyebrows. You could sit online for hours just looking at all the fabulous different ways celebs are wearing them now. From long and lean, to bushy and beautiful, there are soo many different styles! Who knew the ever famous 90’s super skinny eyebrow would go out of focus?!(hehe) So here are some of my favorite 2015 Best Celebrity Eyebrow Trends in Hollywood:

Camilla Belle- Amazing heavy, dark brows! Super clean with a perfect arch!


Charlize Theron- Keeping hers nice and cleaned up.


Julianne Hough has a perfect dark brow for our blondes looking to step up their eyebrow game. This really draws attention to her eyes, don’t you think?


Allison Williams- Beautiful, full and dark.


Cara Delevingne- Super natural brow on a top model and now actress!


Megan Fox has picture perfect arched brows that frame her blue eyes.


Keira Knightly- Full, thick and bold with a nice arch.


Kate Beckinsale- Long, lean and fabulously arched.


Kate Upton- Fabulously natural arch


Rihanna- Always on her on own fashion level, her eyebrows are always perfect!!


Which celebrity do you think has the best eyebrows? I’d love to hear from you.


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