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Who would have thought?! It’s 2015 and one of the top selling movies in the theaters is Jurassic World! Along with a Clinton running for president and the Terminator will be coming to theaters shortly. For this blog i wanted to go outside of the hair world to the real social world. I’ve actually gone to see Jurassic World myself (twice). It’s basically my childhood relived. I loved it! So I thought I would give everyone a quick review of why I thought it was worthy of a second viewing. Besides the fact it was a perfect blast from the past, i got to see it in RPX ( Regal Premium Experience ) which wasn’t a thing in 1993.


It was awesome and more life like on the big screen, premium sound system and not to mention the comfy recliner-like rocking chairs you get to sit in! It was nice to see that they included the original Jurassic Park in the new Jurassic World. A lot of sequels, trilogies etc fail to make you look back at where it all began. The ending was AWESOME! i won’t ruin it for you, but it will send some chills through your spine!! All the 80’s and 90’s babies who fell in love with the original need to go and see it. So far its accumulated $18.2 mil and is climbing (According to Rotten Tomatoes). The only movie beating it was Minions with $115.7 mil. Guess I’ll have to go see those cute little guys next! Let us know what you think about the movie! Have a great Summer everyone!! –Ashley

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