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We have a talented lineup of champions at Dimensions Salon & Spa. From stylists, to our skin care guru/massage therapist to our rockstar Guest Care Coordinators- we have the best team in Massachusetts! Yeah, so much for tootin’ our own horns! In all seriousness though, we know Dimensions is nothing without a solid lineup of talent. We keep in mind that these are the people you trust to cut your hair, touch your face, get that kink out of your back, touch-up your hair color and to make you those appointments. If we didn’t have trusty teammates, we wouldn’t have Dimensions. Plain and simple. We are pretty picky when it comes to choosing staff. So, we’d like to introduce you to one of them…

Today’s #TeamMemberTuesday is Leanne!! We can always count on her to make things happen behind the scenes because she is always looking out for what needs to get done. Guests also love Leanne- what’s not to love. She is kind, hard working and a rock star stylist. We are lucky to have her! When she’s not working you’ll probably find her spending time with her two kiddos. If you have not met Leanne, look for her next time you’re in Dimensions!

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